Ramona Capilitan presenteert Mo’ Chi Massage, The Art of Relaxation & Creation

Mo’ Chi Massage is een ritmisch, energetische, prettige doch stevige massage, met een variatie van massagetechnieken aangepast aan wat uw lichaam nodig heeft. Of u een ontspannende, stress reducerende massage wenst of juist een stevige deep tissue massage; Deze massage neemt u mee op een mooie reis voor body, mind & soul. De combinatie van de muziek, massage, flow en energie is adembenemend, magisch en uniek.
Ervaar deze mooie reis - The Art of Relaxation & Creation - en ontdek de beste
versie van jezelf.





Ramona Capilitan presents Mo’ Chi Massage, The Art of Relaxation & Creation

Mo’ Chi Massage is a rhytmic, energetic, gentle but firm massage, with a variety of massage technics adjusted to your needs. Wether in need of a relaxing, stress reducing massage or a more firm and deep tissue massage; All of Ramona Capilitan's massages will take you on a beautiful journey for body, mind and soul. The combination of the music, massage, flow and energy is breathtaking, magical and one of a kind.

Experience the beautiful journey - the Art of Relaxation & Creation  - and find the best & enlightend version of yourself by doing so 😊.


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all festivals are cancelled this year, hope to see you in the festival season of 2021

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Due to the Corona virus & new regulations, we are open on appointment only, we will ask you about your health before confirming the appointment. Please respect the Corona Protocol; if you are not feeling well, having a cough, fever, difficulty breathing - please stay stafe and stay at home.